To be inducted in the NVFOA Hall of Fame, a past member must have been a working member (i.e., on-field official, working clock operator and/or Commissioner) in good standing for a minimum of fifteen years and have been resigned from NVFOA for at least five years.  Any past member who became deceased while an active member in good standing is exempt from the 15 year minimum.

Nominations can be made by any past or present member with at least fifteen years of service in good standing.  The nominating individual is responsible for submitting all correct details, dates, and information pertaining to the nominee.  Deadline for nominations shall be set by the Committee each year.  All approved inductions shall be made at the annual dinner. 

To be inducted, a nominee must first gain 75% approval of the Nominating Committee, consisting of four committee members selected by the committee chair, followed by 75% approval of the votes cast by the entire Hall of Fame Committee.  One new slot opens in the Hall of Fame each year;if no inductee is elected, vacant slots shall be carried over until filled.  If any nominee is not approved for induction in two attempts, that nominee shall not be re-considered for five years.

The NVFOA Hall of Fame roster includes: 



Year Inducted

Larry Drewett    2011
Tony Carter    2008
Bob McNeal    2008
Bill Nunnally    2008
Jim Bauer    2001
Charlie Fenimore    2001
Tony Maestri    2001
Bob Lewis    1994
Joe Ryan    1994
Warren "Woody" Taylor    1992
Bob Mavity    1991
Pete Rockwell    1991
Cecil "Bing" Earman    1990
Nelson Harvey    1990
Charles "Chic" McPherson    1990

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